Built in to the wall fires

Choosing A Built In Fire

Choosing a Built In Fire

Firstly, decide whether you want to burn solid fuels such as logs, smokeless fuels and anthracite or have the ‘switch on’ convenience coal or log effects using gas or electricity. If the fire is to be your prime source of heating for a room then you will need around 1kW of heat for each 14 cu.m. of volume.

Wood and Multi fuel fires

Riva studio fireLogs burns best on a flat bed of ash, with air for combustion coming from above. Coal and smokeless fuels burn best on a grate, with air entering from beneath the fire and cinders dropping into an ashpan below.  Wood burning-only models, therefore, have flat fuel beds whilst multi fuel models incorporate grates, but the latter are also designed to allow you to develop a bed of ash upon which to burn logs should you wish.

Stovax offer a wide choice of traditional and contemporary models to suit most homes – and all have several frame options. The ‘Key Facts’ section on each product page will give you detailed information or you can use our Product Finder to quickly refine your search for the right product.

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Gas fires

Studio Bauhaus Gas FireSeveral Gazco built in fires are based on their multi fuel equivalents so feature the same or very similar styling, others designs have been specifically developed for modern British homes. They all offer highly realistic fire effects with, according to model, a choice of coal, driftwood, pebble or white stone fuel beds and several frame options as well as the convenience of dancing flames and instant heat at the turn of a switch.  Additionally, most models feature remote controls which operate all the fire’s functions.

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Electric fires

Riva Esprit electric fireEasy to use, and with instant heat at the press of a button, these fires offer you highly realistic, log effect with simulated flames as well as either 1kW or 2kW of warmth from a discreetly located fan heater. In addition, you can alter the heat output of flame effect from the remote control. Each model has several frame options so there should be a design to suit your decorative style exactly.

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